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Tomorrow— Tomorrow— You’re ONLY a DAY AWAY <3

My husband and I are celebrating Valentines Day this Saturday night ALONE as we have a 3 year old son who we can’t ever get alone time with. So he’s going to his great grandma’s house while my hubby and I have a fun filled Saturday alone. We are going to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner (nom, nom, nom) then we’re going to watch the movie The Vow <3. To then top it all off we’re headed to a hotel that we’ve booked with a jacuzzi suite. We are going to make chocolate covered strawberries together, then soak in the tub. After enjoying our dessert… well then you know what happens :-p

Romantic evenings/get aways happen NOT SO OFTEN anymore so when they do we like to make the most of it. Which is why im hosting a Party Gal Party to gain some more sex toys and new stuff to spice up our sex life. If you’re interested in ordering anything to help me reach my goal and spice up your sex life let me know. Id love for you to look at the catalog— they have TONS of new stuff, and im really excited about.